Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My year is marked by the movements of hummingbirds! They have returned. I put out a feeder a couple of days ago and one appeared shortly after. Lovely creatures! An entire year has passed since I last saw them up close and personal.

My husband has resigned his job as of July 15th and will be forming his own business, working out of the house for now. It's nice to have him around. I hope we can make a new venture work.

We had a great vacation driving from OKC OK to Cazenovia NY and back. Memphis, Knoxville, Warm Springs VA, Scranton, Cazenovia, Cleveland, Bloomington IN, St. Charles MO, OKC. So much to see. So many restaurants to try!

Favorite place on the trip: Jefferson Pools in Warm Springs VA. Incredible. We read a Bailey White story and figured out she was talking about this old fashioned spa/hot spring in VA and we decided we must go there. Been in exhistance as a hot spring for soaking since before 1800, currently it's as it has been for aobut 100 years or more. SO QUAINT! Stayed at the nearby Grist Mill Inn, really nice. Breakfast in bed!

Gabrielle had her braces put on for the final time yesterday. 2 more years and she will be finished with all this pain and torture.

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