Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm going to post a boring account of the weather so I can remember how stinking hot it is. Today we broke the high temperature record, it was 106. It was 105 degrees in 1980.We are at 52 days of 100 degrees or more for the year. Some parts of Oklahoma are way over that, almost 100 days of 100 degrees or more. I have been sitting around a lot in pj's. That makes for a thrilling summer. Looks good on a resume...(too hot for real clothes!) God Bless air conditioning! I water to keep a green patch around the house. It makes me feel better, I suspect the birds like it too.

There was a big earthquake on the east coast today, centered in Mineral VA, 5.9 , caused a lot of panic in the cities. People naturally thought of terrorism when they felt the shaking. Never fear... a hurricane is bearing down on Raleigh NC...due there in 2 days.

Hummingbird or birds have been here and gone. Greener pastures? There can't be much nectar until some of the fall things start to bloom. I saw a hummer , put the feeder up straight away, saw it or another a couple more times and that was it. I hope I get some more before winter.

I planted zucchini seeds a couple of days ago. I figure I still have time to get a crop in. The seed are up already and the first leaf is showing. 55 days to maturity says the packet, but I don't know if that means giant squash or bloom or what. I'm hoping for something edible on day 45!

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