Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2015

It's a beautiful day today.  I haven't posted in 2 years!  Halloween has officially gone over the top on Stonybrook Drive, we had over 675 kids Saturday night.  It was fun. The weather was good, many neighbors had great displays. I carved 3 large jack o lanterns at the last minute as usual, (cowboy, fireman and purple princess) , and put orange and purple lights out.  There was a giant inflated cat on the corner, a real hearse in a front yard around the corner, at least 2 smoke machines going full blast, an inflated Frankenstein,  the house 3 doors down went all out with ghosts, ghouls,lights, music, they had a bit of everything . Looked fantastic. Our block was blocked off with orange cones but electric vehicles could come in. The NA put a  "Lost Souls" tent at the corner of Stonybrook and Thornridge. Klieg lights were on for the new Pink Parrot on May giving away free churros......all making it very attractive for the kids. They were almost all little kids under 12 for sure, just a few middle schoolers.  All of them are so sweet and polite.  We even had 4 Steam Punk adults in a camo electric vehicle driving some little kids around. The best costume in my opinion, or I should say the one I liked the most and was very creative was 2 girls dressed as glowing sea creatures.  One had a white umbrella with purple lights under it and streamers hanging off it, she was dressed all in white, the other had glowing greeen tendrils flowing off the top of her head.  I could see them coming all the way down the street. One little girl said she loved my house and my pumpkins and gave me a hug and a kiss.  Worth the price of the candy and the bit of work carving the pumpkins!  Super heros , superman, spiderman, etc. are still all the rage, as are princesses of all types, sports costumes, a few cheerleaders, football players, etc. I did see a couple of the new inflated costumes with the fans inside to keep them blown up, they look like a pain to wear!  Great Halloween in the books for 2015.  One sad note, our long time next door neighbor Karen Johnson moved to Cincinnati a week ago and we dearly missed her!  She was always a trooper and well in to her 70's kept handing out candy to the hoards. Miss you Karen!

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