Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Birthday

My birthday always signals that summer is over. Most of my life in the northeast summer really was over by September 3rd, here in OKC we still have lots of warm weather yet before frost and leaf dropping and pumpkins appear. MDH cooked and cleaned like mad today serving up a delicious breakfast at an appropriately late hour and a delicious mid-day guacamole snack followed by an evening meal of chicken, salt potatoes, salad, wine and cake. The applesauce cake was made mostly by MDD - a little collaboration was involved to get it done, it was good, more like a spice bar than a cake. It had a cream cheese icing. We have decided that home economics should still be taught at school to help kids fulfill all aspects of their life. It's a lot of fun to be able to cook and bake and most kids today aren't getting any help in these skills. Food TV is about the extent of it. We will start home schooling in home ec and other life skills! Industrial Arts I suppose.
I got a butterfly field guide, a new book about the Clarks of Cooperstown, a Road Runner watercolor, a Hummingbird print, (I'll add the artists name later)$75.00 , a purse, 2 pair of earrings, and a super duper stapler.

Hummingbirds are still here. I saw a couple of robins, cardinals, doves, blue jays, the usual suspects. Several butterflies.The Toledo branch called this am and the Norwich branch called in the pm. Everyone is well. All wishing me a happy 51st.

I need to mention my pain level, I think this is a good way to remember how it changes from day to day. It was horrible all week and weekend. Swollen ankles and legs. I finally took the hydrocodone at night for 2 nights so I could get rid of some of the discomfort in my legs ankles and heels. Feels like someone is taking a hammer to my heels. It was better but came right back the same. Why is it so much worse some times and not others? Tomorrow will be a good test I have to stand for 2 hours at school I can see if that aggravates or it is the same level of pain. Today I took 2 large arthritis Tylenol in the afternoon, seems a bit better now at 9 pm.

Glad to be 51.

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