Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sad Anniversary

It's just flat out sad. I watched the old 9/11 footage on MSNBC in "real time" just as it was on that Tuesday morning in 2001. The firefighters marching toward the WTC after the first building had collapsed and before the second one fell. Marching toward death.

I remember seeing a documentary filmed by 2 French men who just happened to be filming the NYFD that day and in one "scene" the NYFD had made a sort of command post in the lobby of the WTC and you could keep hearing these really loud crashes in the background. Turns out it was the bodies of people who had decided to jump hitting the cement just outside where the firemen were trying to figure out what the hell to do. You could sense the terror. Thank you to the film makers for not showing some things that they could have. One of the heroes from NY who helped in the OKC bombing lost his life on 9/11. Raymond M. Downey. It was all more than senseless. There is no way to comprehend it. Americans are nothing if not honorable. We show our faces to our enemies.

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