Thursday, September 6, 2007

Addio Maestro

Birthday week....holiday week.....worked at the CC on Tuesday, a madhouse. Myrla is a saint. I decided to go to the Edmond Farmer's Market on Wednesday morning. It was good, not great. I got a Frankoma honey pot and some Oklahoma honey to fill it, some tomatoes, peaches, onions and beeswax candles. Today a massive head and neck ache, sore throat, I think it's allergies, but for a while this am I thought I had something more. I was finally able to keep down some Tylenol at 3 o'clock. According to the news ragweed pollen is through the roof.

Today I did see one hummingbird, activity has slowed. I still don't know if there are fewer birds or they are coming to my feeder less. It is windy, hot and humid. It's usually just hot and windy this time of year! We had a little rain yesterday and we will get rain tomorrow. Our front lawn looks so fabulous I just can't get over it. Some years we have had to water almost everyday to keep it alive much less green. I was able to figure out that the noisy amphibians in our yard are Woodhouse's Toads. I snapped a picture of one that was out in the daylight for some unknown reason, probably disturbed by a certain dog....

World news is depressing. Luciano Pavarotti died yesterday. I cried twice today upon hearing nessun dorma from Puccini's Turandot on the various broadcasts ...no one sleeps...now the great tenor does. One of a kind. Osama Bin Laden is rattling his sabre. German's foil a huge terrorism plot. I guess the foiling part is good news!

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