Friday, August 17, 2007

bird list

Friday's birds: chickadee, cardinal male and female, hummingbirds 3 individuals at least maybe more 1 male others juveniles or females, lots of house sparrows, swifts overhead, ring neck doves, mourning doves, house finches, blue jays, and when I was out and about I also saw a boat tailed grackle...I'm forgetting lots but it's late I want to post what I see most days so I can look back and see who was around on what date. The birds in the yard really slack off around this time of year until we have cooler weather and some consistent precipitation. I am seeing lots of butterflies, I think due to rain in July and planting Butterfly bush, parsley and fennel. We also took out a large Sweetgum tree making the back yard way more sunny and inviting to weeds they like! Thursday my Lab caught and ate a big cicada, also caught and killed a mouse I was able to intervene before she ate that! People think they need cats or terriers for rodent control!

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