Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A not so ordinary Wednesday in Oklahoma

Hummingbirds still here. Boiling hot on the patio until the sun left then it was enjoyable watching them.

The yard guys came. Wednesday is mowing day. The grass looks splendid. A sentence I never thought I'd utter in the month of August in Oklahoma. The front yard is always passable, we keep it up to the standard of the neighborhood, but the back is let's just say "natural". When we have winter and all the crab grass dies that is filling in all the gaps in the Bermuda it will be another story, especially when the dogs make a race track in the bare spots. The horrible but necessary tick spraying service was also here today. Every time I think I will cancel the spraying a certain Schipperke appears with a tick or two! Yuck! Anyway, I'll just enjoy the current lush green look, mostly thanks to Erin and some fertilizer. I think I'll add some pictures so I can look back when we go back to our usual dry and dusty July and Augusts.

A boy drowned during cross country practice Wednesday afternoon, he was from Putnam City West high school. The boys were running around Lake Overholser , their path was flooded and they tried to swim across and the boy who lost his life was swept away. Hug those loved ones. His parents could probably have imagined every tragedy but that one befalling their son.

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