Friday, August 24, 2007


Forward Foods in Norman is the newest food discovery for our family. Morbier Lait Cru is a delicious soft cheese with layer of ash, who knew? It is very stinky, but good! It has a rind, and looks like a brie with a layer in the middle. Aged Leyden is a cheese from the Netherlands like I remember form the Copper Kettle Shop in the little town where I grew up. It was a specialty at Christmas time and the shop owner would descend into the store's basement to retrieve a chunk of the wheel of cheese for special customers who appreciated good cheese (it was the 70's!), it is spicy with lots of caraway seed. Aged Manchego is a very good harder cheese for grating and it was most expensive at $18.00 per pound. The last one is Taleggio Caravaggio, a soft mild cheese from Italy with a rind. The store also had a selection of fair trade coffees, spices, condiments, natural cleaning products, fresh bread, and a few produce items.

We ate a very late breakfast at The Diner on Main in Norman and it was excellent. We will definitely go back. We brought our bounty from Forward Foods home for a snacking type dinner of bread, olives and cheese.

We had another crazy storm this afternoon. On the way home from Norman the sky was very dark in the west and after we were home for a little while it just let loose, we probably had another inch of rain and some winds were clocked at 95+ miles per hour. It wasn't that bad at our house wind wise, but there was a lot of damage in the metro area. A very wet and wild August. It is so green it seems like spring.

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pupperwupper said...

Forward Foods now has an Oklahoma City location on Western near 50th St. It's a great store!!!