Saturday, August 18, 2007


I vow to get a better picture of my blog's namesake, but for now "parsley eater" is it. I want it to come from my own yard so I will have to bear with my inept photography. Papilio polyxenes better known as the black swallowtail butterfly likes to lay it's eggs on parsley and related plants. I have 3 very pathetic parsley plants and I have seen at least 10 caterpillars. How on earth do they find the plants? There aren't many gardeners in these parts....lots of flowers for the butterfly stage, but slim pickin's for the eggs and caterpillars. I have seen at least one adult but a miracle may have to occur for me to snap the picture. I feel bad that in today's world butterflies have been reduced to cheap decor items and something to be "released" at one's wedding or funeral. Yes, I have seen an ad for the funeral butterfly release!

Take the time to look at the next butterfly you see. In my little corner of the world we will have more parsley plants next year. ...and milkweed, and nettles, and whatever else their little hearts desire...

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